Happy Mother’s Day!

It is Mother’s Day here in Germany.

I live in a beautiful rural area of a little market town, and am pretty much surrounded by families.

Today has been warm and sunny, so I have had the windows open and, from my first floor apartment I can see and hear people out, having a gorgeous family day, returning across the field laughing and joking together after a lovely lunch, or an afternoon walk.

Most of the time I can get on with being just me-and-my-boy, but today, when he’s away with his Dad for a week and I haven’t spoken to a soul, I wonder again what it would have been like to have my own real ‘family’.

Amazing isn’t it, how the things you take for granted as a kid, the things you just ‘know’ will happen, actually really might not …

So today, I’m trying not to be too sad or self-indulgent, as I don’t begrudge any Mum the chance to spend a day with her family and enjoy some quality spoiling, but somewhere, deep down, I really wish I was one of them.

Happy Mother’s Day, to single Mums everywhere!

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7 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Ant Harris says:

    Aw sounds nice, been raining here EURGH! I think we still live in a society where we think we should be or feel a certain way, the problem is these days are the people are being more selfish and spolt of choice.

    Bring back the days, when people were “chained” together :(

    Take care


  2. Karen says:

    We have so many similar life experiences in common. I had many a “lonely” time with just my son and I . Visiting play parks, swimming pools etc all around us “happy families” it’s a horrible time when you are in that space. I used to cry buckets about what I was without. I feel so much for you today especially as it is Mother’s day. My Knight in Shinning armour was just around the corner (6 yrs later actually) and that life is not perfect. No life is, it just sometimes looks that way when peering at it from across the fence. Take time this week to make the most of not having L at home. Get rest, be good to yourself and having a Mother’s week ! xxx

  3. Kay says:

    (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) sorry your having a down day…am not looking forward to my first mothers day as a single mum. Really hope next year is better xxxx kay

    • Thanks Kay. I was OK until I saw everyone coming home … I’m sure all is not perfect for them either, life is never that easy as Karen said in previous comment … I guess it was just the perception of the moment from up here!
      Hope you’re OK? … oh, and btw, I loved your latest post. Marmite … I can definitely, definitely relate to that one!!
      MJM xx

  4. notSupermum says:

    Hi there – told you I’d be visiting! I know that feeling of loneliness only too well. I remember the first time I took my girls on holiday as a single parent I spent the whole time staring at families and wondering how they managed to make it work when we didn’t. I’m sorry you’re feeling like this on Mother’s Day. Take care x

    • Thank you for taking the time out to comment when you are so full-on yourself at the moment. I shouldn’t let the ‘lonely’ part of being single get me down, as there is so much else to get on with (3yo, work etc) but occasionally it gets the better of me. All things considered and relatively speaking, we (myself and my son) don’t have it that bad, so I’m working on kicking myself in to touch on that part! ;-)
      Take good care of you – treat yourself to some well-earned ‘you time’ if you can? MJM x

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