The Gallery – Men

I saw the brief this week for Tara’s Gallery at Sticky Fingers and ran a mile. Didn’t think I could touch it with a barge-pole, but this afternoon, while looking for something else, I came across this picture and had to post:

My little Man and his Papa

This is my son at almost 8mnths old with his Papa – the picture actually taken just before M and I split. Something in this photograph reminds me very strongly of why I made the decision to stay on in Germany, stay in this town and to find a way in my head to deal with the two of them seeing each other regularly and without hindrance.

When L was born, I suggested to his Dad, that, whilst the mid-wife did what she had to do with me, he should take the baby and hold him to his bare chest. With that, the bond between father and son became one which nothing on this planet could ever break or even attempt to sever. When M & I did finally split, it therefore never came into question in my mind, that I move away, or that I attempt to restrict access. M is a fantastic father and the two of them are bound by blood and by an intensity of love that only Father and Son can be. What right would I ever have to come between that.


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23 Responses to The Gallery – Men

  1. Oh that is just priceless. What a lovely lovely father/son picture x

  2. yummymummyno1 says:

    Ohhh, what an amazing picture – melted my heart *gulp*

  3. rugbymadsdad says:

    Wow thats fantastic and so good and brave of you to stay over there so they are close….Missing the children on a day to day basic is the hardest thing in the world and nothing else comes close……

    • I really don’t feel brave most of the time! but I guess it takes snapshot moments like this as well as seeing them together now, that reinforces the value in my mind of what they have. Thank you for the lovely comment and I really hope you get to see more of your girls soon. x

  4. Him Up North says:

    Aww, what a great picture, and a wonderfully fair and balanced decision you made too. :-)

  5. Awww! That’s just adorable…the look of love.

  6. Karen - allabouttheboys says:

    Oh, sweetie, what a fantastic shot. The wisdom of the world in that little face. A priceless photograph that say’s it all ! And what an incredible lady you are, in this World of Me, Me, Me ! You struggle everyday and do it all for the love of L and the relationship he has with his Papa ! i Applaude you xxx

  7. very undeserved praise K, it’s not always this clear-cut in my head, it’s really not. But thank goodness for assignments like this which remind me where I need to be :-))
    Thanks for the beautiful comment xx

  8. Vegemitevix says:

    That is really wonderful! Good for you working so hard to make it work for your little man and for your ex. I applaud you and hope the universe rewards you with lots of fulfilling work!! x

  9. christinemosler says:

    Oh! Now you’ve set ME off! Pass the tissues please! Lovely photo and you are amazing. xxxx

  10. Liz says:

    That is such a beautiful photo and what a brilliant parent you are xx

    • What a lovely thing to say, thank you so much. It’s great to ‘meet’ you … :-) Just popped over to your blog and have a feeling I may be spending some time there in the future … loving the Xmas ideas already!

  11. What a gorgeous photo, and I totally admire you for your standpoint. Being in a similar starting situation myself, I can understand the dilemma, and know that I basically am in Germany for the long-haul, whatever were to happen between M & I. As I say, full of respect for you for carrying it through! xx

    • Thanks Kathie. It’s really flippin hard actually, but I hope I’m gettin there. Good luck to you guys as a family and I hope to meet you sometime – I really hope we can get it together.xx
      (Had a look at your blog btw and didn’t make the connection at first! #blonde!!)

  12. Allie says:

    That is such an adorable picture and well done to you lovely xxx

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