Kreativ Blogger – 7 Things About Me

I received this, my first ever blogger award-thingy a couple of days ago which actually really bowled me over.  I hope I can earn it by saying something worthwhile to someone at some point along the way. It came from the lovely Kay, alias @little__witch, a brave lady who is battling with her own demons at the moment, so pop along to her blog to see why and if you can give her the same the same support as you lovely people have already bestowed upon me as a newby, then I’m sure she will be one happy lady. She deserves it.

So here’s the thang, if you’re tagged and fancy a go:

1.Thank the person who has given you the award.

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. Link the person who has nominated you for the award.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.

5. Nominate 7 other Kreativ Bloggers.

6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.

7. Let the nominated victim bloggers know they have been tagged!

Here, then are 7 faces of me which the web-world may or may not have cottoned on to yet (whether they are interesting or not, I guess we’ll soon find out!):

1. #nomad

I have moved house 25 times in my life, so far, and have had addresses in 4 different countries (if you include Southern Ireland).

I still have a serious thing for Africa and will go back there as soon as son is old enough to appreciate it. But Germany is where I have ended up for the moment and, although I have sort of unintentionally nailed my feet to the place for a few years, I guess I can’t really complain about my current location:

2. #Qué??

My life is chaos: a rollercoaster of events punctuated with consistent drama and madness. I can’t remember the last time I had a ‘quiet day’ and I don’t think the word ‘bored’ has entered my vocabulary since I left my last ‘proper’ job in 2006.

Random is my philosophy and (strangely enough) my lifestyle.

I once spent a whole rainy summer in Devil’s Bridge nr Aberystwyth teaching myself Welsh. (See?).

3. #certifiable?

I have a pretty schizophrenic moodometer – to the left, bubbly, warped in humour and perhaps a tad eccentric (‘nuts’ is a word which has also been used) and to the right, somewhat overly introspective. Oh, and I can switch quicker than a labour seat … my f & f will surely vouch for that.

MJM is, in fact, an x-file clone with an experimental, in-built ‘self-destruct’ button, triggered by the human state of ‘happy’. Unfortunately the designer of this monster went awol and there is no manual in existence to advise as to the location of said button, nor how to override it in cases of emergency. I must therefore issue a kind but solemn warning across the realms of web-dom: don’t make me happy, dear readers, or I may just blow up.

4. #blonde or #pighead ?!

I have to confess, I am the most conscientious and ambitious, targeted waster of time that even I have ever met, but will somehow never fail to meet an official deadline.

I think it is probably also fair to say that no-one, I say no-one on the planet can lose things as successfully nor as completely, nor as consistently as me. (English credit-card … lost for over 6mnths … turned up in the boot of my car under the spare wheel … go figure.)

I hate money and definitely run a mile from politics but I do do problem solving and will sit for hours (sometimes 100s of them), trying to fix a problem that is way out of my comfort zone. The challenge for me is not in whiling away 6 hours of call centre hold music, but is in the flat-out refusal to give in to the contemptuousness of the thing that’s ‘broken’.

5. #bikerchick

I am free when on two wheels. I ride a CBR600 and let’s face it, where better to let off some screamingly high revs than where I live here in Bavaria. We can be in the Alps in just over an hour – and soon immersed and forgotten in some of the most stunning scenery and blindingly fun roads that I have ever travelled in my life.

Unfortunately, lone parenting doesn’t lend itself too well to randomly disappearing, quite literally in a cloud of dust, so, for the 2nd year running, the battery is still on the shelf in the cupboard and my Babe is walled in at the back of the garage, sultry behind a million boxes.

6. #clutterist (careful with that one)

I don’t have a designer-type place where everything matches. In fact, I think the thing I love about it the most, is precisely that: that nothing really matches anything. (NB: pic above with baby antelope was a caravan, NOT my place. No, really.)

A friend of my sisters once came with her to visit me in my house in the UK (1997). She spent the entire time she was there standing in the middle of rooms, mouth open, as if she’d walked in to a new world. As she left, she was overheard saying ‘Oh my GOD! when can we go back there … your sister’s place is like a museum!!). And I guess she’s right. But my place is my life … and the things around, collectively, signify every aspect of my weird and wonderful past, plus everything I am currently doing now. Consequently, the thing of most financial value on its own, is probably my music collection, closely followed by my PC. But the true value of my apartment is in the fact that everything in it has a story. Everything in it represents a moment of my life and is therefore, somehow an integral part of who I am.

7. #idealist

However miserable I’ve been off and on over the last 3 years, I still absolutely adore life. Whether I can actually take part in as much of it as I would like to at the moment or not, doesn’t detract from the fact that, for me, it is still full of music, and of beauty that costs very little and which, if I look properly, can be found right on my own doorstep. Being on my own quite a lot has led me to find even more pleasure in the little things than I ever did before – really growing to adore the amazing place I live in … the quiet, the view, the play of light on the fields that surround us, my balcony ‘garden’ and of course, it goes without saying, in taking advantage of our natural surroundings to nurture a love of the ‘simple things’ in my son.

I might have almost given up my faith in people 3 years ago, but I am starting to realise more and more, particularly these days, across the virtual network, that there are so many inspiring, courageous and dependable folk out there, that I am simply in awe. I just need to hold onto the belief that one day I will be in a position to be able to get out again and go meet some of them! … but hey, for the moment …

… life is just an Elephant Conga ! :-)

So my 7 victims, tagged with probing their inner souls for interesting stuff are:

Not Supermum because she jolly-well is and doesn’t realise it

Onlydads because he’s bored at the moment and has been scrubbing around for something to write … this is a push for him to get his act together and sort out a blog! ;-)

Thinly Spread as I know how much she craves more of these (and to get her back for sending me two in 2 days ;-P )

Sparklefade because I love her to bits; one of blogdom’s most unassuming of writers, but with an enormous heart and an even greater talent

Whiteknight21 as I can’t wait to see whether or not he can surprise me!

Jen as I find her an absolute inspiration

and last but absolutely not least Dapbim as she is my partner in crime in DE (and to get her back for standing me up on Saturday :-P)

Apologies if you have already done this and I haven’t caught up yet.

Have fun!


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6 Responses to Kreativ Blogger – 7 Things About Me

  1. JenC says:

    Thank you :D (genuinely lol) Where did you live in Ireland? We could have been neighbours, well, you never know :D Jen.

  2. Interesting lady! I enjoyed every word of this, I love the love of life that runs through everything you say.

    Thanks for the tag, I have already done this one but I will have a go at it again…just for you! x

  3. notSupermum says:

    Thanks for the tag – I’ll try and do this over the weekend, will have to get my thinking cap on!

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