I am Grumpy

I have been tagged again – thank you! to both Chris at Thinly Spread and JulieB at The Sardine Tin who ahem, in a very lovely and supportive way, have given me an alternative medium to express my disquiet at 7 things which offend me!  I considered doing two, to appease each of them respectively, but I couldn’t possibly have thought of 14 reasons to be grumpy ……  ?

So here are my 7 things … the ones that came immediately to mind ;-)

1. I actually have quite a high pain and tolerance thresh-hold IF I’m not tired. But I am always tired, urgo….

Problem is, my wacko lifestyle and natural rhythm hears the clock bong 11pm and says ‘right, what shall we do now?!’ and is off for another 3hours’ work/cleaning/mucking about on the PC/writing/hanging up washing … you name it. Then. Then, I can’t get up. I just can’t. And I lie there for at least 23 snoozes thinking, if I don’t get up soon I’m going to be grumpy.


2. Being late. Very, very often a domino-effect consequence of 1. as getting up late means I get less done, which means I try to squeeze more into less time, which means I am invariably late. I hate late people. I hate the apparent lack of respect towards the person not late, the person waiting for the late person. Makes me ridiculously grumpy with myself which makes me more grumpy. (See a pattern growing here??)

3. OK I’ll get it over with …. lovely people following (or not anymore!) my twitter-tweets and blog of late, might have noticed I wasn’t a particularly happy MJM and this, contrary to popular opinion was not actually a result of either 1. OR 2. … No, it was technology. Technology not only connects me to people I can’t reach on foot, it is responsible for the success or failure of my entire business and therefore of my ability to support myself and my son. So when it goes wrong just because, then ‘grumpy’ doesn’t even come into it. I have been known to throw things.

4. Bad manners.

I am seriously of the opinion that Europeans are quite well developed in terms of intelligence / awareness / ability to communicate… so it never fails to astound me how appallingly ill-mannered some people can be ‘in the moment’. I don’t want to tar people with the brush of ‘generic’ ignorance as I’m sure most folks out there are actually very nice, but I’m talking about those little situations which make some people lose their sense of being ‘human’ and they just morph into some tunnel-visioned bestial ‘thing’ for a millisecond.


a. Getting on and off buses / trains / trams : Sweetheart, I have a pram, 5 bags and a screaming child on my arm … WAIT until I have got him and them OFF the damn train before you try and climb over us.

b. Supermarkets:

I have three things already on the conveyerbelt, the lady in front is 96 and has lost the 2 cent piece in the bottom of her bag which she needs to make up the €7. 63 exactly. We are going to be here for some time. I think “I’ll be lovely and grab my old neighbour a newspaper” and take two steps to the left to pick one up …. how DARE you scrape my 3 items to one side and push your trolley of 980 packets of all different cat-food in front of me. Grumpy?? I could punch you on the nose.

c. Out and about in the car … but you know where I’m heading with that one, it’s all been said before. Drivers, for cryin out loud, save us all a grump and BE NICE!!!!!

d. Parents who do not promote good manners in their children : teaching them at least to say please and thankyou and to not push people off the pavement, is – not – that hard !

5. I’m a mother of a 3yo so there had to be one in here somewhere about him:

L is allergic to clothes. At best he would run around naked one-hundred percent of the time and does if he thinks I’m not looking. We will get dressed, he will be fully clothed, I will pick up my bag, turn around and we are minus a sock. While hunting down the missing item we somehow lose our trousers and then, whilst I’m pinning down the bottom half trying to reclothe feet and legs, the top half is removing jacket / scarf / …

This all generally happens after 1. invoking heightened levels of grump.

But my son, being my son, can top even that and, in the cold winters typical of Bavaria, we will finally (after much scrapping, bickering and hurling ourselves around the place in protest) be ready to hit the road (see 2.) when he, now calmly parading in all-in-one ski-suit, wellies, hat, scarf, gloves and probably dungarees underneath, announces “Mami I need pee-pee” …..

6. Frozen Pizzas

7. and last but not least, my biggest grump of the moment, is that I have been so grumpy recently … even to the extent of now being consistently tagged with I am Grumpy memes, so I can vent off my grumps in an official grumpy rant !

Fun that it was, I am really not this person…. I’m not !!!  So:

8. I have now slapped myself and am no longer allowing myself to be grumpy about being grumpy. That’s why this is number 8. Because it actually belongs to a whole new blog…. watch this space … ;-)

Want to play? Here’s a once in a lifetime (haha as if!) opportunity to rant for free ….

Oh and btw, from now on, whenever am tagged, I will nominate at least two people I don’t know yet to give me a great excuse to go out and find new blogs  (I hope you don’t mind!). So here are my choice few for this one:

Kay at musingsofamumof2 as she is horribly down at the moment and could use the ‘fun’ distraction

Rugbymadsdad at Rugby Mad Dad’s Blog as I KNOW he has some grumps to air (and he has just created a new blog so hopefully this will give him some well-deserved exposure)

The funniest ever writer at Pants With Names whose name I don’t know as I only came across her amazing blog today and couldn’t find it ?? … sorry!

Emily at Maternal Tales from the South Coast whose hilarious blog I also just discovered today and think she could use this meme, if her last post is anything to go by :-)

Apologies if you have already done this.

Have fun!


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9 Responses to I am Grumpy

  1. Rugby Mad says:

    I so agree with the getting on the train before you get off it happens to me all the time on the tube and i dont even have a push chair to worry about…..its just plain bad manners….Thank you for the mention too….x

  2. Oh well done! Lovely writing…what energy! Love number 5, I SO identify there and number 6 because I feel I should!

    Thanks for doing this!



    • No. 6 was in there, because I eat them. Every week. And always burnt to a cinder. I.can’t.do.12.minutes.
      Thanks for commenting, oh loyal commenterlady … ;-)
      MJM x

  3. becky says:

    Manners just don’t get me started ;-)

    • Odd, replied to this yest, but can’t have saved :-(
      I don’t know why it is, but out and about people seem to be more in a world of their own and ‘unaware’ (read ‘rude’!) here in Bavaria than anywhere else I’ve lived. Took a long time to get used to! MJM.

  4. JulieB says:

    Amazed at how quickly you managed to turn this one around – I seem to sit on memes for weeks these days before I get round to them. Great list by the way, I can agree with pretty much all of these!

    • Lol! Had to make the most of prob my last free ‘me-time’ for ages… little boy back tonight after a week away. Fab that he’s home but won’t have as much time from now. Thanks for the lovely comment :-)

  5. I am so with you on the grumpy factor with children who appear allergic to their clothes. Found both of mine in the front garden the other day with their trousers and pants around their ankles and extremely pleased with themselves. But the all dressed up in winter gear and ready to go and need a pee grumpiness…. sends me into a right old paddy whack. Actually, ages ago, I wrote a post about it – http://britsinbosnia.blogspot.com/2009/12/things-i-have-said-to-my-children.html – we are twins of grumpiness and you should be ever so slightly worried by that!

    Thanks for the tag, can’t wait to get good and grumpy….

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