The Gallery – Self Portrait

This post was prompted by Tara at Sticky Fingers for ‘The Gallery’ and I’m ashamed to say, in my haste to get something together and my panic at the subject, I initially neglected to link this to her blog. Tara, I apologise and, having slapped own hands will now try to make amends.

Hanging head in shame, here is my ‘Self Portrait’ for Week 12:

This is me.

In a world that is me – and not me,

mine – and not mine.

So many aspects … and perspectives

Which, then, the true reflection?

Clarity … and confusion.

Insignificance amplified.

Entrapment – an infinite number of times.

Beautiful form and decadence cold to the fingertips.



…. but ….

with the push of a button …. ?

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6 Responses to The Gallery – Self Portrait

  1. Clever and thought provoking. Well done you!

  2. him up north says:

    Cool photo. Great effect you achieved there. Nice accompanying piece too.

  3. Thank you :-)
    Just realising, however, that I completely missed the point of this in my rush last night to put something together. Missed the link to poor Tara’s site too (very very bad). This was supposed to signify a type of momento for loved ones .. given that we are invariably ‘behind the camera’. Note to self, read brief more carefully next time!
    Thanks anyway !

  4. Love the poetry through the photograph… and how often do I feel so “split” like that?? Whew, often!

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