The Day the Rainbow Came to Stay

I looked up over half an hour ago … to this:

and it’s still here.

This is why I live where I live.


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14 Responses to The Day the Rainbow Came to Stay

  1. I love rainbows:) Lovely image to have:) Jen.

    • One day when my biz starts to work properly I’ll buy myself a decent camera. Spent 1/2hr playing with light settings but the machine I have just can’t take the pace … gettin old like me! ;-)

  2. Karen - Allabouttheboys says:

    OMG! Is that seriously the view from your window ? I am sooooooo on my way ! I have had the day from hell, could do with sitting with a wonderful lady, drinking wine and looking at that view. xx

    • See? See? That’s just what I was talkin about in my last reply!! Luv ya and like I said, any time me dear.
      Sorry you had such a horrible day :-( Hope your evening gets better. I’ll crack a bottle with you across the screen OK? (oh, and yes, that’s my view :-) )

  3. Aw, thanks…Perfect! (Smiling now!)

  4. rugbymadsdad says:

    Wow what a view….that must be great to wake upto and the rainbow is a stunner…..

  5. phoenixaeon says:

    I am sooooo jealous! It looks so peaceful and serene and generally gorgeous there, even without the rainbow. The rainbow simply emphasises a beautiful view with refractive precipitation jewellry!

    Can I come and live with you? :D

    • Blimey! Yes, ahem, I suppose it does :-) and yes, if you don’t mind resting your pretty little bones on a wallopingly big cumfy blue coach. Door’s always open! x
      (now gone back to edit coach. It’s not a coach. It wouldn’t fit in my lounge. Try ‘sofa’….) ;-)

  6. Deer Baby says:

    Wow! What an amazing view you have! So wide and open. And rainbows are so rare. There’s something so magical about them.

    • Yes I am so lucky. I never take the view for granted and it does still take my breath away every day. It’s always so different, depending on light, weather, season etc. The rainbow has visited me often this week – I’m hoping this is a good sign! :-) I love them too, especially here.

  7. elleonthego says:

    Lovely,thank you for sharing these lovely pictures

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