The Gallery – Still Life

For this week’s Gallery post, I couldn’t decide between two completely different photos, so I gave up trying and have submitted both. One a bit more artyfarty and the other of a tableau which made me laugh a lot when I came across it. Thanks as ever to Tara at Sticky Fingers for hosting.


Lobster Pot Goal

Taken on the Newquay harbour quay, 2007

Reminded me a lot of the days when I used to go to Scarborough with my Dad and we’d spend hours wandering through the fish market, feeding pencils to the crabs. Good memories.



This one just made me laugh

Taken in Munich in one of our ‘better’ winters a couple of yrs ago




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16 Responses to The Gallery – Still Life

  1. Deer Baby says:

    Love the top one. You don’t notice the football at first. Very atmospheric with the ropes and grilles. The second one just made me laugh!!

  2. rugbymadsdad says:

    Love the photos, especially the newquay one…i have always wanted to live by the sea and at school i wanted to be a Trawlerman..i read about stories from old sailors in a book at school and i was hooked on the sea from then on…

    • Thank you! there is something really special about the sea – for me too. It’s sad that we are so land-locked here, but I hope to live near the coast one day.

  3. JulieB says:

    What a lovely photo the first one is – so atmospheric, and with that little twist of the football. The second one just made me laugh…

  4. I am facinated about the feeding pencils to the crabs!! Lol at the trolley. Great photos:) Jen.

    • Thanks Jen! When I was about 5 or 6 my father (a teacher) used to take me on his annual school field trip to Scarborough. There would be two groups of 3 days each, but Dad and I used to stay the whole week, so we both did the entire schedule twice over! (I used to know his jokes by heart by the 2nd week hehe). Going around the fish market, he would demonstrate how strong the crabs’ claws were by sticking a pencil in for the bigger ones to grab. They invariably broke the pencil. We got shouted at one year by a very large fisherman with a big beard LOL!

  5. Booperkit says:

    I thought the second one was Canada or Minnesota for a second. I love the top one, it’s the kind of shot that would look great 8 feet tall in a restaurant.

  6. sister3 says:

    emotion, beauty fun…
    your interpetation is just perfect !

  7. Don’t like shopping at the best of times!! Great pictures.

    CJ xx

    • Haha nor me! Actually the best part of this one was the fact that it was a Munich Airport trolley … the airport being about 45kms away from where I took the pic! Thanks for the comment x

  8. Emma Button says:

    Great pictures. The lobster pot one is my favourite. I always find it so fascinating to see them all stacked up in the harbour and all the bits of tat caught up in them

    • Yes! I can’t wait for my next trip to the beach. I can’t do the old lying in the sun thing for long .. bores me daft, but I love routing around to see what I can find. Thanks for commenting :-)

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