Driving On the Continent with Small People

This is a taster of my contribution to this week’s Guest Post Day, the full version of which can be found over at Single Mummy care of Becky, who has honoured me by agreeing to host the article, while she shares her experiences of participating  in a re-enactment weekend in Arundel, in the previous blog here on the Triangle. So here, then, a short intro to Driving on the Continent with Small People. (Just click the link to read the full shebang!)

<< I have seen a couple of tweets lately requesting advice on travelling to Europe from the UK with a little one. My family is distributed across 3 countries, so, by default, I have become quite adept at commuting from one to the other over the last 16 years – and since 2007, alone with a baby / toddler.

Flying from place to place has its challenges, especially with young children but at least there is a vague structure with people to ask if things start to go wrong! Not so driving … any number of things can get in the way of moving from A to B and how the trip progresses really can change by the minute.

Far be it from me to try and teach Grandma to suck eggs, but I’d like to share some of the little things I have learnt over the years regarding packing and general travel tips which made my long journeys with a little one easier or at least a little more tolerable!

I have included info on the following points in the hope that some of it might be useful to someone:

1.Things not to forget when packing the car for a small person,

2. Legal requirements for driving on the continent,

3.Travel in France (tolls, services and facilities),

4. Use of Navigation Systems in France. >>

Maybe there is something in here of interest, or which could be of use to you for your first / trip? Why not hop on over to Single Mummy and check out the full post. Feel free to add to it – I will monitor all comments and amend the piece accordingly .. this is work in progress and I would welcome all new suggestions with open arms. I have suffered my fair share of agro driving about over the years, so if this can spare someone the same pain, it has to be a good thing!

Thanks! Enjoy the post … and Enjoy your holiday! :-)


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