The Son plus Sun Delirium

I think I have gained myself a bit of a rep for being ‘dark’ and intense on my blog. I can be these things for sure, but actually the heart of me is really not. It is just life-stuff, which has come to dominate my writing over the last year or so. The real ‘me’ is happy-go-lucky, a bit very mad and can be totally blase, given half the chance. I just don’t get the chance to be that person that often any more. But this evening I’m feeling amazing! the weekend has done me so much good I’m going to be dancing to bed tonight, and I want to grab that feeling and somehow frame it to remind myself, on not-so-good days, of who I really am, what I really love and how happy I really can be!

So this is, in the first instance, one for me, mainly in pictures, to remind me of my fabulous weekend … and a glimse of the old, happy MJM…. BUT, maybe, in doing this, I can radiate a bit of the positive vibe to someone else feeling not quite so perky and make you smile too :)

So it all began, with an extraordinary light in the lounge on Friday evening, which made me gasp when I walked into the room. The camera just couldn’t capture it, but it was here … and it did something!!

It was a mad light, which apparently went to my head and, after a somewhat bizarre evening, culminated in my photographing Bog Roll for the Blog Roll at 2am after which I was so wrecked from my efforts that I went to bed … and never did do the blog. tsk. (If you want to see what all that was about, take a look at this, here, at Brighton Mum – Teenage Angst … ahem, the following pic would have been my post if I’d had enough energy left!:

(I thought I’d add the recycling factor of our loo-roll stories into my non-entry … bonkers? who me? … as I say, it was 2am)

Then came Saturday and with it SU-U-U-U-U-UN! .. the first of the real genuine article for about a month. (Germany is suffering some of the worst flooding in years from the constant deluge of rain over the last few weeks.) Pulling up the blinds I felt an energy rush I hadn’t felt in months and shocked the socks off my son by cavorting into the kitchen to make breakfast and singing at the top of my voice. It was a day in which anything could happen and I wasn’t about to miss it. Everything looked different, smelt different, felt different and throwing open the balcony door and not feeling cold at 8.30am was pretty special. Within an hour, we had an invitation to go out. We never go out, except just the two of us and even L knew it was a special day as he voluntarily sought out a ‘smart shirt’ to put on as opposed to yet another Sandpit T-shirt.

I did lots of girly things getting ready and, for the first time in over a year, I actually grinned at myself in the mirror afterwards for not looking too bad; I have become so accustomed to a stern face scowling back at me with scraped back hair, no make-up and old, comfy clothes from my student days which I’m still wearing to work in, that I shocked both myself and my little one stupid by making a bit of an effort. L was beside himself when I started to draw on my eyes and laughed his socks off at pink lipstick. He wanted to try it of course. Later Darling.

So then I got brave and took a couple of shots … just as a reminder … and also because L was very shockingly amenable to having his mug on the other side of the camera. He normally hates it. Just like his mum.

So with sun, came sociability … I’d almost forgotten how to do it. It involved real-life talking to people AND while sitting at ‘someone else’s table’! There was laughter that wasn’t just mine and my son’s but which nevertheless included me and it felt really, amazingly, refreshingly good.

There was a BBQ, outside on the terrace, then a wander through our little market town which was holding its annual street festival. The perfect day for it! Stands full of flea-market junk, food, beer, people out having an amazing time just heralding the sun that they hadn’t even seen for apparently weeks … it’s only a small place but the atmosphere was amazing. You could see in people’s faces that they too had been counting the days until they could get out without  ski-jacket and they weren’t about to make an early night of it, not on your nelly.

* * * * *

And then came Sunday, with breakfast outside on the balcony, a visit from a friend I haven’t seen for 18months and a trip out to Wasserburg, one of our favourite local haunts. Lunch in a shady beergarden, followed by a walk along the (admittedly ridiculously high and fast-flowing) river Inn and, finally, once the sun had cooled down a little, a paddle and sand-castles on a bit of beach we found which was still safe.

And, if that wasn’t all perfect enough … we stopped to watch this, on the way home:



This was not just any weekend …

I admit, it wasn’t full of expensive shopping trips and restaurants and nor was it on the top ten list of ‘the ‘most amazing things to do with your kids’ in Bavaria, but it was lovely being with friends and it brought the two of us back together again after several very tough months … we had fun! It is lucky we live in a place which has so much to offer just by being outdoors and I am lucky, that my child is growing to really appreciate our environment with me.

All in all, two perfect days. It just doesn’t get better than that.




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8 Responses to The Son plus Sun Delirium

  1. rugbymadsdad says:

    HI sounds like you both had a great weekend, and the weather sounds great too, its amazing i just assumed that as the weather was half decent in England it was in the rest of Europe….How wrong i can be…but its so nice when the sun does shine after a long winter and everyone gets out and talks again….So pleased you both had a good weekend…x

    • The weather is really crazy at the moment! So unpredictable … one minute cracking flags and the next we’ve got heating back on. But thanks, we did have a great time! x

  2. JulieB says:

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time – and some lovely pics! x

  3. Sandrine says:

    Sounds like a gorgeous weekend – may it be the first of many! (And you both look great in the pictures!)

    • Aww thanks, that’s lovely of you to say so. I think people automatically look better when they’re happy don’t they. They give off a different type of energy. Thanks for the comment :-)

  4. How nice to see this little piece of sunshine! Looks like a glorious weekend, I hope you get loads more this summer! x

    • Only just found this comment, sorry! and thank you …!
      Unfortunately we are now back on with severe flood warnings – for the next 16days!!! By that time it will be Autumn again and heading nicely for the rain season HA!

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