The Now

This drama does not belong in my head; it thrives somewhere else – perhaps with William’s ghost, on the stage of the Globe or in a dusty book… but still alive… Recounting history… but recounting Now, from the inside out…

It tells of a universe of molecular senses … a bombardment of awareness, an infringement of perception and an overload of that which cannot be touched.

It is about bodies wanting to fuck, while minds halt at an ever inflating barricade of reason; it is about minds full of passion and academic longing, while bodies idle away along some pre-programmed, racked path to miscellany and time-ridden isolation.

It is about people of the present, chained voluntarily to a wall to be clawed and spat at by phantoms of the past – fetters bound so tightly as to restrict even their own breath, while they clutch the key to the lock in the other hand.

It is about free will.

It is about climbing mountains, changing perspectives, embracing a release from the scourge of resignation. It is about a Shakespearean enlightenment: King Lear, scratching out the eyes of delusion in favour of a reawakening of consciousness – the mind’s own embodiment of aspiration and potential.

It’s about a quest for something beautiful. Something happy. Something real.

It is about something real.

It’s about balls. Guts. The nerve to step out. It’s about daring to accept something new… to accept that that which we imagined can actually be different but could still be great.

It’s about wanting to believe.

It’s about letting go.

It’s about letting go.



This post was written in response to the prompt: ‘Emotions’ for this week’s combined Gallery & Writing Workshop theme



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20 Responses to The Now

  1. Stunning. Photo and words. I was holding my breath throughout. x

  2. JulieB says:

    I think Chris has summed it up nicely – stunning. You are one talented lady. x

  3. fleetwoodboy says:

    That makes me choke up. I cant say anything else that would be fitting

  4. Him Up North says:

    I’m trying to find a phrase which sums up what I feel about your piece….

    Intensity with a jagged edge.

    Wonderful prose and a great picture to go with it. When I said intimidated by quality, this is what I meant!


    • Thank you G. But please! I don’t understand how such a talented writer and brilliant photographer could ever feel intimidated by anyone or anything. I am in awe of your work. I, on the other hand just bounce thro different phases of ‘messed-up-ness’ and when I write from a bad one, it comes from a completely different place … I don’t write ‘it’, it writes me. That’s all.
      But your comment means a lot to me. xx

  5. That was really, really fab and now I want to read and know so much more.

    • Thank you so much. If you do read more and work anything out or come up with any answers, could you let me know?? ;-) Lovely to ‘meet’ you. I am looking forward to reading you too. xx

  6. This is stunning, I wasn’t breathing through it at all!! Jen

    • Oh Gosh, thank goodness it was one of my shorter pieces then! But seriously, thank you Jen. I’m actually overwhelmed at the response to this. I can’t say anything more than that without it sounding cliche’d. Just really, thank you xx

  7. porridgebrain says:

    Sobbing. No words.

    I need to talk to you about this.

    You are beautiful. IT is beautiful.

    Thank you x

  8. mummylimited says:

    This has stopped me in my tracks and I’m not sure why, which I guess is what makes it so good. I get to the end and want to read it again and know more.

  9. Kate says:

    I agree with the others; I am in awe and am not worthy. Typically, my brain has gone blank and I can’t think of anything else to say.

  10. Ally says:

    Magical MJM and her wicked way with words :D Fantastic, as always. Thanks for sharing your ‘messed-up-ness’, I think it’s what makes you fab :D xx

  11. Wow. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? You know how to write lady.

  12. Mirka Moore says:

    What a great post, great words and a nice photo :)

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