You know you’re a Mum when …

Last night I returned home from two weeks in the UK without my little one.
In some ways it was great just to be me-the-me, as opposed to me-the-mummy for a little while and, in actual fact, I really do think I re-discovered a little bit of the MJM I had tucked very securely away for the last 3.5 years, but on the other hand, there were 100s of occasions throughout the trip when my thoughts turned to my child and there was a wistful ‘he’s not here’ moment. This meme seemed apt then, as it allows me to record some of the more amusing examples as well as those nostalgic ‘heavy-sigh’ moments I experienced over the fortnight. I hope you enjoy :)


You know you’re a Mum when ……

  1. When stopped at airport security, alone, without child, you pull one sock size 26, one pair of boy’s underpants, a half packet of gummibears, 3 sticks, a tower of lego (different shapes and colours), one red tractor and the yellow capsule from a Kinder-egg out your handbag before arriving at the sample bottle of perfume which was actually subject of the probe in the first place
  2. It’s 4am and you blunder out of bed and smack into someone else’s wardrobe trying to get out of the room to go calm a wimpering child … who is actually 3 countries away.
  3. You meet up with friends and relations you haven’t seen for years and the first thing they say is “Ohh! Where’s the little one??”, not even closely followed by “hello, how are you?” !
  4. While walking with Aunty on the beach you have to stop every 6 paces to examine a new shell which your absent 3yo son would have found particularly interesting. You then remove camera from its case and carry it separately so you can fill the bag with said debris
  5. While sitting on top of the tallest beacon on the Malvern Hills, you can’t help wondering which way your 3yo would have charged back down it and laugh at the vision of him going A over T as he stumbles down a dip
  6. You nearly miss a 2nd bus in Stafford as you spot a sale on in Children’s Ware in Sainsbury’s just across the road from the bus stop
  7. An evening of ‘let your hair down’ and party is almost ruined by the fact that the little one didn’t want to talk to you on the phone when you called
  8. You are prepared to part with bottles of shampoo, conditioner, make-up remover, CHEESE! when packing to return home in order to squish one box-set of Charlie & Lola into the last remaining 2 square centimetres of space in the bag
  9. Sitting on the train on the way home, you pick up a multi-media message on the mobile and have the entire carriage rolling with laughter as a little voice screams out of it “Halloooooo Mama!! I’m going to wwwwiiing you tooomowwwwohh beeecoz it’s Tante N’s wedding and I have nyuuu reeeally posh shooooz!”
  10. Arriving home, you breathe a sigh of relief and smile at the prospect of a whole weekend to yourself … but end up aimlessly wandering from room to room, wishing your special little person was actually there to fill the now horribly empty space.


But I have brought some fabulous memories back with me; I met so many wonderful people and put faces to names for some who I now honestly consider to have become true friends thanks to Twitter. My little boy comes back on Monday so I shall endeavour to make the most of the next two days’ me-time and will just say ‘Thanks’ to everyone who contributed to such an amazing couple of weeks. Cheers guys :-) x


This meme was set up by Chris at Thinly Spread. Please read hers, it’s beautiful. You can find it here. I’m not tagging anyone but if you think you can add to it, feel free to have a go and link back to Chris’s original! There’s a badge too for Mums  (see top) and another for Dads on Chris’s site, so Guys, don’t think this is a ladies’ exclusive … you’re in it too and I, for one, am looking forward to reading some of these from the fathers’ perspective.

Have fun!


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8 Responses to You know you’re a Mum when …

  1. fleetwoodboy says:

    Ah, sweetheart that was lovely. Read it out to J who sends her love. Hope you can come back and stay with us sometime.

    • Thanks Babe. Lovely that you read it to J. I was so happy to meet her – she is truly gorgeous. Would love to catch up with you both again .. we’ll definitely have to sort it for next year. xx

  2. Perfect, made me smile and nod and feel that stuff! You went to Stafford, that’s my home town, I hope Josie gave you the hug I sent via her! Still sad we didn’t meet but we will. So glad you did this, thank you! xxx

  3. karen - Allaboutheboys says:

    Wonderful post – In stark contrast to my latest blog post. Maybe if I had two weeks away from my children I would appreciate them more : ( Sorry we didn’t get to meet. One day, perhaps next time your little chap is with papa I will come on my own xx

    • Karen, I can’t seem to get to your blog … am I missing something? Your site said there were no entries. Probably a blonde wined-up! moment. But thanks for your lovely comment and, of course, you are welcome to come out any time! (L doesn’t have to be away for you to come, unless you prefer it that way?) xx

  4. Skip says:

    Aw that made me blub a little bit… Your LO is very lucky to have such a loving mama. I hate being away from my little M – my example would be waiting to cross roads until there is a mile-long gap in traffic because I’m used to crossing at toddler speed ;)

    • It really is tough. The secret is to keep busy and to fill the time with as much as poss … or indeed as much ‘me-time’ as poss for things I wouldn’t normally be able to do. Defense mechanisms eh! love’m. Thanks for the comment and sorry for making you blub *tissues passed* :-)

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