The Gallery – Playtime

Unfortunately I’m on a time-limit this week, so no new snaps, but I came up with a lil series from last summer which made me smile a lot. Thanks again Sticky Fingers for hosting The Gallery – this week on the subject of ‘Playtime’, courtesy of Cathy at Nurturestore, and I hope you enjoy reading all the great posts added to Tara’s linky thing from Wednesday.


Here in Bavaria we are pretty landlocked, but luckily in Haag we are blessed with a really cute lake within a short drive from home. Generally speaking it’s not that busy and we tend to spend a quite a bit of time here, particularly in the summer. My little one adores it and, as you can see from my weak little camera, the sunsets over the water are really something else.


(It went something like “WTF??” in 2yo speak. Namely ‘Euuueerrrrk!’)


But then:


Sometimes we forget that it’s the simple things that attract children …


This sieve, a bucket and a ball were the only toys we took with us for the whole day …


… and they kept him occupied for hours (along with stones, mud, debris and water, of course!)


Again and again, my boy draws my attention to the wonderful playground which is right under our noses – and costs nothing!

It stimulates both his creativity and mine and I love that.

I also love the fact that we can grow into this together, knowing that, through his play, there is always something new we can both learn.

It’s what defines him and brings the two of us so much closer.

The end of a perfect day.





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25 Responses to The Gallery – Playtime

  1. Oh these are GORGEOUS! What beautiful, beautiful shots and a perfect, captivating moment captured. I love how they make time slow down like that.

  2. Beautiful pictures and wonderful to see how much play can come from a natural setting and a simple toy.

  3. Michelle says:

    Awww, so sweet. Beautiful photos.

  4. Kate says:

    Great pictures, honey. My pic this week is of 4yo taking part in hide and seek – also costs nothing but they have so much fun doing it.

  5. Mirka Moore says:

    Beautiful photos ;)))

  6. Gorgeous…again! I love that drip, drip, drop photo. The light in all of them is just perfect.

    • Yes it’s one of my faves too … I got really lucky with the timing and the light. Sometimes it all comes together on manual … it’s rare, but I love it when it works! ;-)

  7. Ally says:

    Another fabulous post filled with fab pictures. They really capture the moment. Gorgeous!

    • Aww you’re always so sweet in your comments. Think I’ll hire you as my private ego boost .. along with a few other loyal comment-ers! Thanks so much Ally and sorry this is late. Mad week! xx

  8. Harriet says:

    Brilliant – I love that they can make fun out of anything! (she says with laptop, telly, radio and glass of wine…)

    • Hehehehe … I think the older we get, the more complex our requirement for fun. It’s a shame isn’t it. But that’s the great thing about kids: they take us back to basics and remind us what it’s all about. Thanks for stopping by and sorry for delayed response!

  9. Very lovely. So glad I stopped by.

    LCM x

  10. Oh, I love those photos. Weak camera- pish! Sometimes it’s not the quality of the photographs but the intention behind them that makes them beautiful, I think. I just love a little nudie bottom too. Gorgeous

    • Aww you’re very sweet, thanks. I’m a bit too over-ambitious sometimes, partic with photography and get very cross when the pics don’t come out the way I’d like them too. These did, so for once I was pleased lol!
      Thanks for the great comment x

  11. see how sweet bless his wee soul… that top one is so funny! I can just imagine his reaction!

    lovely set of pics :)

  12. bubbleboo says:

    Oh, such wonderful, beautiful pictures! What an amazing time of discovery for him (and for the ducks!)

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