The Gallery – Water

Sometimes, when you have swum until you can’t swim any more, you just focus on the one thing that can provide relief from the burning muscles and the searing sensation in the chest from breathing so hard, in … and out; That little ‘something to grab hold of’ is what keeps you going, keeps you focussed and stops you from giving up and going under.

I don’t actually like being in water very much and the image is therefore a poignant one as, in more areas than one at the moment, I am feeling way, way out of my depth – sometimes to the point where I actually start to shake in fear at what lies ahead.

I have written it before, but very occasionally, on especially bad days, I really cannot see any other way than down – too many question-marks around whether or not I can pull stuff off and survive …. financially, mentally and also physically with trying to keep so many balls up in the air. Sometimes, then, it is just incredible when someone extends an unexpected hand in a gesture of support, or when something random happens which then acts as a metaphorical prop. These small things can be just enough to release a surge of energy in me which is what drives me to the point where I just have to make things work. It’s like a small break – an unplanned moment just to relax, to regroup and go again, refreshed and full of renewed motivation.

This tableau therefore really inspired me at our local swimming lake. I was back on safe ground from my 20 minute power-lap and I found it beautiful – both in itself and for all the reasons I have just outlined above. I tend go after challenges which lie seriously on the border of my capabilities and of my confidence, but damn it, it really is good to know that there’s the occasional thing to grab hold of when it all gets a bit much.

I think I need that!




This post was written for The Gallery, this week hosted by Michelle over at Chelle’s Place in the absence of the fabulous Tara who is off on a well-deserved break.



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17 Responses to The Gallery – Water

  1. Love your photo it really captures what your words describe

  2. jfb57 says:

    Brill post! Love the photo & glad you made it!

  3. Karen Jones says:

    You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Be kind to yourself. You are doing an amazing job and what you describe is how a lot of us get through life from doubt to “small breaks” . I know I do xxx Always here for you and well done for going swimming in that lake. I could never do that I have a deep seated fear of deep water ! Shudder !!! Big hugs xxx

    • Oh I don’t feel very strong most of the time. I guess we just keep going don’t we – I have a system of ‘one day at a time’ which is as much as I can deal with right now. Just wish others in my realm could understand that as well as you do, who I’ve never actually met!
      Thanks for always being out there. xxx

  4. MrsLJHall says:

    You can do it. And you will do it. There are lots of hands reaching out and offering support – sometimes you just have to open up enough to let them in. Lovely photo too – makes me want to dive in! x

  5. *offers hand* So well written and a very well chosen photograph. I think I will be back later for another read…as usual!

    • Oh Chris, I just know you get it. Without wishing you any ill fortune, it’s sort of comforting that you do. But here’s to both our fortunes changing eh Girl? Cheers! xx

  6. Michelle says:

    What a good, no, what a very good post! I couldn’t agree more with what the wise ladies above me already said:-))

  7. Red Ted Art says:

    What a GREAT photo!! Wonderul! Love it!

    I used to go to the Serpentine in London for a swim. Loved the idea of swimming in a lake, but was a little put of by all the murkiness beneath me (esp if you swim front crawl with head in water… yukky).

    Great pic!


    • Lovely comment, really thank you! I actually hate swimming pools – takes me back to the trauma of school as I was the last in my group to learn to swim and the memories still haunt me along with the smell of chlorine and the echoey sound of kids having fun… For me it was far from fun *shudder*!

  8. Great post. You wouldn’t find me swimming in a lake (or the sea) for love nor money!! Swimming pools only for me, I have to know what’s at the bottom.

    CJ xx

  9. Thank you so much for stopping by to read :-)
    I am the opposite and hate swimming pools – too many bad memories. Took me years to get used to swimming in lakes, as, like you, I didn’t like the thought of the depth but I’ve mastered my fear since I’ve been out in Germany as the lakes here are so stunning and the water gorgeous. I love it now – as long as I don’t swim tooooo far out I’m ok! x

  10. Elaine says:

    Lovely post and fab picture… I don’t think I could swim in a lake as I like warm water!

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