The Gallery – A Smile

Writing is really tough at the moment … too much life stuff getting in the way, but I couldn’t let this one slip by …

Inspired by Dave Fowler and his Mona Lisa Million Project, Tara at Sticky Fingers has jumped on the band-wagon of “Spreading a bit o’Grin”, plugging Dave’s amazing cause and presenting us with a joyous reason to sift through our pics … or indeed, to ‘Snap for Happy!’ for this week’s Gallery.

I didn’t have to look for long. This one jumped out at me and begged to be posted. I laughed my socks off at the time – hope it makes you smile too :-)





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10 Responses to The Gallery – A Smile

  1. babygenie says:

    Love it, what a great picture, love the cheeky, slightly unsure face!!

  2. It certainly has made me smile :) what a cheeky smile under all that wild hair!

  3. p says:

    Lovely. You know in purple (or sometimes blue) that looks just like my hair. What great taste.


  4. Red Ted Art says:

    Ahh what an brilliant photo! It did indeed make me smile!!

    Stopping by after your visit to Red Ted Art!

    Lovely to “Meet”… will nose around your blog now and see whether you have been posting some of your recycled crafts! If not, you MUST! Bet they are fabulous!


  5. Lindsey says:

    Tee hee! Brilliant, really made me smile! x

  6. Becky says:

    fabulous! certainly brought a smile to my face x

  7. Kate says:

    Lovely, lovely pic, MJM. I love the cheeky smile.

  8. Mirka Moore says:

    What a funny little smile ;) @Kahanka

  9. Got me grinning from ear to ear! Fab photo. x

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