Cagey (KG) Conker Snake


I think I made the best decision in the world with regard to my son’s Kindergarten. He comes home every week clutching the most ingenious and creative bits and pieces they have made together. I just need to ‘create’ more space in the appartment now to accommodate them all!

This was last week’s contribution, which is not only cute beyond all cuteness, is so simple and quick to make if you have half an hour to kill: it’s the Cagey (KG – Kindergarten, geddit??)  Conker snake:


Copyright Metajugglamum, 24th October, 2010


You will need:


A few dry conkers

One bbq skewer or sturdy piece of wire (florists’ wire would work just as well)

Material for two eyes

A piece of felt, red paper or similar for the mouth

PVC Glue


How they did it:

  1. Carefully make holes right through the center of all but two of the conkers (you will have to do this for the younger children)
  2. Bore a hole into, but not right through the last remaining two conkers. These will be used for the head and the end tail-pieces as ‘stoppers’
  3. Squeeze a little glue into the hole of one of the ‘end’ conkers and push the skewer firmly into it, but making sure it does not come out the other side!
  4. Now thread all other conkers onto the stick except the other ‘end’ conker.
  5. Squeeze a little glue into the hole of the ‘head’ conker and fix firmly to the top of the skewer.
  6. Glue on the two eyes and tongue to the ‘head’.

Bingo! One Cagey (KG) Conker Snake :-)


Have fun!

Love MJMnL

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5 Responses to Cagey (KG) Conker Snake

  1. Red Ted Art says:

    Oh, this is super cute! We have very few conkers (all the bigger kids have already collected them), but maybe we can make a 3-4 conker snake/ caterpillar? Red Ted would adore it…

    Maggy x

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  3. LOL-did not see that maggie had replied and forwarded this link to her thinking she would like it.

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