The Amazing Flyin Poodle

The challenge for this week’s Gallery: something to inspire a bit of laughter as we head into the cold and dreary season … and after my last post, I definitely need to get my own blog back on cheary track again. So here are a few shots of a scene which made me laugh so hard I cried – outside our flat  last winter … chucking snow about with the neighbours … and their dog.


Copyright Metajugglamum, 03.11.2010Copyright Metajugglamum 03.11.2010Copyright Metajugglamum 03.11.2010

Copyright Metajugglamum 03.11.2010Copyright Metajugglamum, 03.11.2010Copyright Metajugglamum 03.11.2010Copyright Metajugglamum, 03.11.2010Copyright Metajugglamum, 03.11.2010Copyright Metajugglamum, Nov 03, 2010


This post was written for The Gallery, hosted by Tara at Sticky Fingers. Why not grab a cuppa and pop on over to check out the other entries – guaranteed to have you spluttering on your biscuit this week!



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11 Responses to The Amazing Flyin Poodle

  1. Hannah says:

    Those pictures really did make me chuckle. Fantastic snapping being able to catch the dog in such weird positions. Looks a bit like an animal skin rug…
    Brilliant x

  2. Jen says:

    Wow, one athletic dog!! Great photos. Jen

  3. You funny lady! And what a funny dog. Made me smile!!!

    Maggy xx

  4. Penny says:

    Amazing shots and the light is lovely too.

  5. Haha brilliant – we have some action shots of our puppy but not as good as this!!

  6. christinemosler says:

    How fab are those?! That dog is a star!

  7. babygenie says:

    Awesome action shots!

  8. @ Everyone who has stopped by and taken time to comment: Thank you! :-) Deadline preventing me from replying individually, but I do appreciate all your comments very much indeed. Lovely lovely people xxx

  9. Preseli Mags says:

    What a wonderfully mad dog! Great pictures (and they really made me laugh).

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