Socks – It’s about the Kids!

I wrote this for the wonderful cause which is the OddSocks Christmas Tree Decoration event – the brainchild of Bob Greig from OnlyDads who is striving to highlight at a global level, the importance of fathers, in the lives of their children.

Bob has been a single parent, bringing up two daughters alone since 2004 and launched OnlyDads in an attempt to raise awareness and assist other fathers in the sometimes mind-numbingly difficult task of dealing with single-parenthood. When OnlyDads was approached and asked if they would host the decoration of the Darlington Trust tree this year, Bob decided to incorporate the OddSocks idea in order to add a further perspective to their invaluable work – one  which often gets swallowed up in the complex process which is the separation of two adults, namely that of the victims of that separation: the children.

OnlyDads has invited any child who wishes to say something .. anything, to his or her father, living, absent, or past away, to write a message, place it in a sock and send it in to the OnlyDads organisation. The sock could be decorated or plain, but the important thing is, it contains the thoughts of the child for his / her father. The socks will then be used to decorate a large Christmas Tree in the Darlington Hall Trust, see here for more details and for information on where to send your sock!

Another way in which you can get involved, is to write a poem or blog-post … on the theme of socks! Bob tweeted this on Sunday and I know the idea inspired people other than myself to write … so if you did, or you feel you would like to have a go, please, add your post to the linky below. Bob has already set up a direct link from the OnlyDads site to this pool of contributions. Remember, we are trying to raise awareness … this is all about the kids. It’s about giving them a voice.

On behalf of the blogging world and of friends, I wish OnlyDads and OnlyMums the very best of luck indeed with the inaugurual event on the 9th December.


Copyright Metajugglamum, 20th November, 2010*


and now it’s over to you! Click here to enter your link then come back and read all the other amazing entries. The linky will stay open until the end of the year.

(If you send me a comment to let me know you’re there, I will add your link manually to this page, so they are visible to all.)

OddSocks for the kids …. Go! :-)

1. Liveotherwise

2. RugbyMadsDad

3. MrsLJHall

4. OnlyDads – Bob Greig

5. sobk13 – (See below in comments)

6. Redtedart – limerick AND sockmonster :-)

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16 Responses to Socks – It’s about the Kids!

  1. Red Ted Art says:

    Oh! You beat me to a sock post!! But that is fine, after all you are the one that told me about the fab event! Thanks for spreading the word and wow! A poem on SOCKS!!!



  2. christinemosler says:

    Fab. Very touching indeed. As the child of divorced parents this shouts to me. Clever lady.

    • Thank you Chris. But actually, shh the credit for the original idea goes back to OnlyDads’ 13yo. She’s the clever lady. I guess I just crunched the theme up into a few lines. Sorry if it brought stuff back in a bad way :-(

  3. Ok ok ok. I had to come back to this and I have to apologise. I first read your poem and took it at face value – socks… and now I cam back. And reread it. And reread it. And oops. I lightbulb lit up. And as the lightbulb lit up, so did my face and went bright red… :-( Sorry. I totally missed the point of your poem and now, i don’t find it hilarious anymore but very moving!!!!

    Aaargh. Sorry. I am always too quick to speak and to slow to think. Aaaargh.

    Thanks MJM for your poem.

    • Maggie, please don’t worry. I guess that is the point: the poem can be taken at any level. There is a hidden analogy, but it can also be taken at face value too. If it appeals at that level, then that’s great.
      Thank you for reading and for thinking about it enough to come back, but please, you don’t have to apologise for anything.
      MJM xx

      • You lovely lady! And yes you are right, that is what poetry is all about!! I can just see myself in an English Lit class and not “getting it”… was never my strong point. But I did get it in the end, and I guess that is the main thing!

        Thank you for being lovely

        Maggy x

  4. I could write about socks…

  5. Bob Greig says:

    A big “thank you” for your support of the odd sock project. Readers may not be aware of the work you have done “behind the scenes” to get the odd sock project to a stage when it may (with some good fortune and more hard work) be up and running soon.

    It is all about the kids. You got that from the start!

    You are a true friend – one of those rare people who support and encourage in ways you may not fully know or understand.

    Thank you for everything MJM

    …and a beautiful poem as well by the way :)

    Bob xx

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  7. mrsljhall says:

    I’ve added my poem to your mclinky :o)

    Socks WILL take over the world.


    • They so will at this rate … all gorgeous posts. You didn’t get the Tweet which thanked you for suggesting I do this. I had considered it, but wasn’t sure about the ethics of setting it up. Then spoke to Bob last night and he agreed it was a good idea. So thanks again. (AND I learned how to add a linkything thanks to Chris!). All big teamwork.
      But then OddSocks can’t work without just that.

      MJM xx

  8. sobk13 says:

    Hi MJM,

    Here is my sock post. I’m aware that Bob has two lovely daughters and so this is a short poem (you will be thankful for the brevity after you read it) about how I imagine the girls getting ready for school in the morning and the suprise of the odd sock :-)

    A tumble of hair, the world at her feet,
    A foot, guided missile, heat-seeking grey socks,
    Though the trees remain bare, quiet stills from a reel,
    And her eyes like glazed windows, glance over the box.
    One hand in, one sock out, as the fingers inspect,
    Furred steel, cotton grazed, as the uniform goes,
    No time to adjust as the lazy lens lies,
    Yet confused stay the limbs, for now it’s the toes.
    On the right, soft as Saturdays, sits exhibit A,
    The colour of camels and warm buttered toast,
    On the left, jail-house hosiery, wool blended coal,
    But these are the mornings that she loves the most.

    Yes, I shall not quit my day job!

    Big kiss,

    • All I’m going to say to that, is bloody hell, maybe you really should!
      Just Brilliant.
      And from concept to publication exactly 30 minutes… *Shakes head and says*: Major respect Lady.
      and Thank you! :-)

      MJM xx

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