Silent Sunday – The Ultimate Fix

Copyright Metajugglamum, 05 December, 2010


(*whispers* Click the thingy underneath for some more (possibly quieter) pics … )

Silent Sunday



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8 Responses to Silent Sunday – The Ultimate Fix

  1. Hahaha I can here you shouting and cursing!!


  2. (Maybe I shouldn’t be laughing…)

  3. LOL I would love to see the results of this. And also? I sure as hell don’t miss it ;o)

  4. mrsljhall says:

    What I nightmare! Did you fix it hun?

  5. How many times have i booted the hell out of my pc for a similar error, Will also explain the hole in the perspex side!

  6. Pippy says:

    I feel your pain and recall the internal sick squishing feeling it brings. I had DLL errors last year.

    On the plus side, from a house with at least 3 large foam hammers, wack-a-[name of thing, person, object] can actually be quite fun. But the key is FOAM. Best Wishes. x

  7. Oh dear . . . hope this had a happy ending!

  8. Greg says:

    I’m not sure that’s what Microsoft had in mind when they installed the Tools menu… (Hope it worked out)

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