The Little Things

People ask me constantly, “What are you still doing there, on your own, out in the middle of no-where … in Germany?? Why don’t you come home?!” … Well, apart from the fact that we love it here, there’s one single factor that has concreted our roots into the ground – at least for a while:

Tomorrow, my little boy will be four years old. For the first time in our lives, he won’t wake up here, with me, on his birthday. But. I will still be having breakfast with him at his Dad’s … 2 minutes away across the field.

It’s the little things that are big things and, let’s face it, tomorrow could have been a whole lot worse. Couldn’t it.


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4 Responses to The Little Things

  1. The Moiderer says:

    I take it he’s got over the whole ‘staying at his dad’s’ thing?

    • Hello. No unfortunately he really hasn’t. If anything it’s getting worse. But we have compromised on Papa eating here with us during the week on the basis that he goes there on a Friday for the night and stays until Sunday every second weekend. I don’t budge on that one, heart-rending though it is. 99% time he has to be litterally disengaged from me and leaves in floods of hysterical tears.

  2. Him Up North says:

    Hope the little guy had a great birthday. Hope you’re good too x

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