The Gallery – Simple Pleasures


Some folk like to just chill in front of the tele in their spare time …

Copyright Metajugglamum, February 26, 2011


Some people make stuff …


but today, we flew our kite :

The moment of lift-off

Copywrite Metajugglamum 26 February, 2011


Perfect sky, perfect breeze … perfectly simple !

Copyright Metajugglamum, 26 Feb, 2011

This post was written for The Gallery, hosted by Tara at Sticky Fingers. There will be many more entries to browse there from Wednesday so don’t forget to check them out.

The lovely Chris is also hosting this on Something for the Weekend, so pop over to Thinly Spread and check out more ingenious ideas for ‘stuff to do with the kids’ on your time off.




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9 Responses to The Gallery – Simple Pleasures

  1. fleetwoodboy says:

    We hVe a local guy who’s quite famous for making wood into figures with his chain saw. Very clever

  2. Oh, kite flying is one of our favourite pastimes, a great activity for young kids! x

    • Definitely. I used to spend hours and hours flying mine. I even remember eating picnics on the beach with one hand while trying to keep the thing up in the air. I think 7 hours was the record in one go …. a whole day out! :-)

  3. I cant wait to take my son kite flying for the first time! Just waiting for it to stop raining and for the sun to come out to play! :)

    • :-) It’s adorable … the moment captured in the picture was accompanied by the hugest ‘JaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa!’ I have ever heard as the kite lifted off! (He was standing next to his Papa)

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  5. Oh Thank you! We are going to the park for a picnic today, Kite flying would be a great idea! I had forgotten about our kite, just got it out of the cupboard

  6. Chris Mosler says:

    Oh his face! Bless him, he looks SO excited…did he take off too?! Thanks for linking lovely, so nice to have you! x

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