Welcome back to the real world

Clicks Send … waits in ever worried anticipation of a ‘message fail’ popup … leans back, smiles and utters the tradional ‘Yaaay’! … the ritual final steps in delivering on a deadline.

I then look up … and around.

We are not honoured with receiving visitors very often here, but the few people who do pop in on occasion are becoming accustomed to identifying ‘status of work’ by the ‘state of my house’! The question “Do we stay or do we go?” can be answered quickly in a brief glance around the place … a squeaky-clean flat is welcoming, but implies heavy weather and perhaps a slight element of gloom in the air due to ‘no work’. Clean but ‘lived-in’ with a bit of dust here and there is the ideal disclaimer for “We thought we’d pop round for a Schwarztee” as this probably means I have some work ongoing, but am not stressed out of my noodle with some obscene delivery date;

And then there are the days when a project comes in and we undersign on a capability to invert chronology and deliver last week. Like just now.

Way, way back many centuries ago (thanks Mr L-Webber, I still love it), I wrote a post here about the madness in starting a home-run business as a single mother.  I thought things would get easier (nope I’m not going there today) but in fact, nearly 3 years on, I have to grin at some of the things that have not yet changed! We live in hope and I am definitely getting better – a whole pile more organised than I was … but, for today, with this latest project done and dusted, I ventured out of the lounge and it was the following 10 things which reminded me that so much just gets put on ice when I’m on a deadline:

1.       On my desk, there are all manner of sweets and half opened bags of crisps, 983 post-it notes with random numbers on them, 4 unpaid bills, a police Stop sign (a 4yo’s attempt at getting through to its mother in an hour of need!), a hammer and a picture of the Titanic (psyches please stay away from this last one).

2.       To get out of the room I had to climb over my ironing board which is now piled high with 3 framed photos, a set of bongos, a pile of invoices I’ve been meaning to send off to my Health Insurer for about a month, one remote control, a template for a carnival mask, a packet containing memoires written by my old neighbor downstairs and which have been waiting for me to scan for over a week … and half a biscuit.

3.       Once out in the hall, I have to fight my way over a Teepee with extension tunnel which traverses the whole of the house ending up in the toilet. Well, not in it. Vaguely I remember saying ‘yes Sweetheart’ to all manner of things over the last few days, in order to gain an extra 5 minutes work p&q. I think I might even have built said Teepee yesterday. I definitely don’t recall the extension tunnel, but who knows.

4.       Having negotiated tent and peripherals, I find myself skating into the front door in an Ikea bag. I may even patent this and, let’s face it, in my hall currently, there is equipment for everyone to join in … 3 bags, each half full of random stuff – one with the ‘don’t live in the kitchen’ remnants of the weekend shop, another with the just-in-case but remained-unused clothes from the carnival yesterday (including, of this I am absolutely certain) a brown and slightly squished and smelly banana and, in the third … goddammit, who knows. Sigh.

5.       There’s no coffee

6.       There is a very strange pong coming from my vegetable rack

7.       Strewn across the floor from child’s room to bathroom are 3 different pairs of pyjamas. (I couldn’t swear to it, but I’m fairly sure he was only wearing one when he got up this morning)

8.       There are 4 pairs of jeans, 3 balloons, a vibrating smurf and a spatula in the bath

9.       I’ll need a CAT digger to attack my washing pile

10.   L’s room? … my room … ? Jaysus, I’m not even going there.


Work …? Goooood ; the aftermath …. Hell on Earth!

Please tell me this isn’t just me?!



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3 Responses to Welcome back to the real world

  1. I am not a single mum, running a business from home and my house still looks like that. Fear not.

  2. Him Up North says:

    Vibrating Smurf? What?!

  3. onlydads says:

    I’m fairly sure it is just you MJM

    We all live in show homes :) XX

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