The Flip-Side

A new day and a 5-minute addendum to yesterday’s post:

I woke up to the sun. My world immediately feels more accessible when that happens.

I have another personal mountain to climb today, but seeing blue sky and glinting fields was like a turbo-boost this morning… renewed energy.

On the way back from dropping L off at Kindergarten, I remembered how yesterday had begun … I, along with all other parents had been invited to attend a little presentation of what the children have been doing in their Monday music work-shop.

The children were asked to ‘grab your Mummy’ (there were only Mummy’s in attendance) and form a circle. A flurry of excitement later and this was achieved … a large circle, Mummy – Child, Mummy – Child …. and one little boy left all alone in the middle.

His face broke my heart. He said nothing, just stood there until the over energetic leader grabbed his hand and said she’d be his Mummy for the session.

Everyone knew, that the child knew, that however funny she was, it could never be the same.

At the moment I am tired … and grumpy … and we can’t afford holidays or expensive toys, but all things in perspective:

I can be there for my boy. In the larger scheme of things, I hope I can make this count.



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9 Responses to The Flip-Side

  1. fleetwoodboy says:

    Will you stop bringing tears to my eyes.

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    I didn’t get a chance to comment on yesterday’s post – but yes… this is the wonderful thing you are able to bring to your child – being there!!! And so fab that you are able to se it and hopefully see beyond the down times.

    I have the (patronising) theory which is, that you need the downs to cherish the ups…

    Hugs to you and your boy


  3. Ally says:

    That is where I fail. Princi would be the one stood in the middle with no Mummy there. I do try to get out to school things, but being so dependent on the help (and time) of someone else makes things difficult. I bloody hate it! The best I can do most of the time is to try and make sure that someone goes in my place so that she doesn’t end up feeling left out and lonely.

    Like you say, you might not be able to afford expensive toys, but at least you’re able to support L at times like that :D That’s a really good thing. Makes me quite jealous of you!

    • Oh Ally I’m sorry, this post was so not intended to be an attack on parents who guenuinely can’t attend things like this but reading it back I can see how you might see that as an undertone. Please, it was written from a totally different perspective. If I were working full time in project management – a move I have seriously considered many, many times over the last few months, I’d be back in Munich and could really not be there for L during the day. You are there for Princi 100% in SO many other ways and nuture her in a way I am in awe of – with your mind and with your love. She knows how much she means to you and she understands the reasons why you can’t be everywhere all the time. Don’t underestimate that and put yourself down .. in no way are you “failing” her!! I’ll get over there and tan your hide if you talk like that again :-P
      Also, as you say yourself, you arrange for someone to go in your place if you can’t make it, and that is huge.
      I’m going to stop digging now, but I’m sad that I made you feel worse. Wasn’t meant to be like that :-(

      • Ally says:

        Oi! Stop that! I didn’t see it as an attack! I was just a little envious. And you didn’t make me feel worse. I’m the only one who can do that! I’m sorry that I made you feel bad :-( So don’t you be apologising to me, ya daftie. *Hugs*

  4. Liz Dawes says:

    There’s just no easy way to do this, is there. I recently read a great bit of advice from the hilarious Sarah Millican. Follow it. It helps!

    “Don’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. Trudge down there, and turn the fucker on yourself.”

    Good luck all you mummies out there. You are doing an AMAZING job. x

    • Oh I love that! Brilliant.
      Believe me I’m working my lil nuts off trying to get on top of all of this and change things – (probably too much actually for my own good) and most of the time I seem to be eeking my way forward millimetre by millimetre. Then come weeks like last week where stuff happens and I just feel like I’m back at the beginning and have achieved nothing.
      Ultimately I do believe in myself – and my own pig head! but I’m my own worst enemy for putting myself down. I WILL get there. I’ll hit that switch, you’ll see :-) Thanks so much for the comment! Will post it to my screen for the bad days x

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