Mummy, are you still cross?

No Darling, I’m not.

He looked at me for a long time and then said “I want to stay here with you this weekend”.

I said, “What, even though I’m so grumpy and tired and shouty?!”

“but I’ll make you NOT grumpy and shouty, even when you’re tired Mummy”

“Oh, now that would be lovely Sweetheart. But how will you do that?”

He said “I’ll be a good boy and a funny boy until you laugh and be happy. Allll weekend.”

I held him for what seemed like ages in a fleeting second.

“Stay” he whispered, then took my hand in both of his, rolled over, gripping it tightly

and went to sleep on it, holding my palm to his face.


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10 Responses to Stay

  1. Jenny Flintoft says:

    This has made me cry. On a thousand levels, some good, some not. But actually – ALL good.

    Thank you x

  2. fleetwoodboy says:

    What a great blog xx

  3. Him Up North says:

    That boy is pure gold. Pure gold, I tell ya.

  4. Pippy says:

    Beautiful yes, Heart Breaking yes.

    And what will you do? Kids break our hearts don’t they and we sometimes break theirs – being the gatekeeper to that is so hard. I wish I knew the answer or the manual that was right for each individual unique situation parenting throws our way.

    You know your child – if you are grumpy, tired and shouty (and currently I’ve been issued with the Angry pants to wear on my head in this house – so you know where I am – I’m even shouting at kiddy guests) will he see that has his failure or will you see it as yours. Or can you find a different way through. Maybe count the smiles and memories if he stays. Both ways, you to him and him to you? How many will you budget for, how many can you get?

    Much love xxxxx

  5. Chris Mosler says:

    Oh…..Boys are such wonderful, forgiving creatures.

  6. Ally says:

    *Sniffle* *Hugs* You gotta love ’em, haven’t you? Another beautiful, heartbreaking post. xx

  7. Thank you to everyone who has posted comments here. I know you know that I can’t respond to them individually. Not for this one. But I appreciate your words, very much.
    MJM xx

  8. weeps a little – thanks for sharing x

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