The Gallery – April

A railway carriage – you know, like in the olden days …

a compartment set apart, with the blinds rolled half down.

Through the narrow gap, you see ‘stuff’ flash by

at speed. You have no idea what it is, nor where you are,

Nor how long it took you to get there.

There’s a lot of it on the outside, but from in here, it all looks the same…

 a whirlwind behind a screen;

In here is a cocoon. Frenetic but silent. Time-travelling

 on someone else’s train.

I remember April … I caught glimpses –

Blossom, blue sky, children.

When my boy went away I climbed the carriage steps, opened the door and closed it on the world outside;

Two discs together, these worlds, spinning on one pin but no way synchronized –

a spindle the breadth of a hair bridging the gap between the two.

Two time zones. One oblivion. His voice the only thing to ground me.

Our future, the only thing to sustain my focus.

I remember April … A fog in the blooming of spring

Where nights and days merged and sleep became a dream

A whole universe in the corner of a room –

A train route with no station, no pretty place to get off,

No smoking carriage and no-one left to even check the ticket.

We’ve come so far, no-one even knows I’m here

but April … and April is gone.




This post was written for The Gallery, hosted by Tara at Sticky Fingers.

The photo is of a paper sculpture my son made for me in April which I adore.


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4 Responses to The Gallery – April

  1. Bob Greig says:

    Written with meaning and skill…

    …one of those posts that you find yourself finishing and immediately going back to the beginning to read again.


  2. Fab post – had to read it three times!


  3. fleetwoodboy says:

    MjM you have a wonderful way with words :-) . Great stuff

  4. Chris Mosler says:

    Second time I’ve been here. Couldn’t comment the first time. Stunning. Perfect pain.

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