PC will not shut down after installing Trados Studio2009

This week’s IT challenge was to work out why I could no longer shut down the tower in my temp office in France. I  am still running Office2003 on XP here (and successfully I might add!)

1. I had just upgaded fromTrados Freelance Suite 2007 to StudioPlus 2009, including Multiterm 2009 and converter widget.

2. I had deleted a few redundant applications to make room for the upgrade.

3. Everything seemed to have installed ok and was running fine.

4. Network / internet access was perfect (as perfect as it will ever get here anyway)

The machine just wouldn’t run the shutdown process – I could ok out of the confirmation dialog and then nothing. No hang-up, no freeze, no blue-screen … the PC returned to normal state after a brief cursor spin and that was that.

The solution is simple:

1. Call up the Task Manager

2. Ensure no applications are running. If there are, close them down.

3. In the Processes tab, check for the Synergy.exe process and close it.

4. Try shutting down again.

Worked for me. I discovered the offending process by starting at the top of the list and closing the processes one by one, trying Shutdown after each closure.

(I did not experience this problem on my office PC in Germany where I’m running Office Professional on Vista Ultimate. Not sure why the process is blocking shutdown in this case – must google more! If I find out I will update here. If you already know please feel free to share in the comments below! Many thanks :-) )

Good luck!

[Many thanks to @extrastoat (Twitter) for the solution. I owe you dinner ;-) ]



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