Moon Rising


She leaned against the wooden rail and stared out across the fields, suddenly conscious of how much earlier the evenings were falling as she gazed at the sea of maize before her, flowery tips flickering in a deep golden and pink light. She inhaled deeply and watched, transfixed, as the twilight breathed a blanket of shadow over the hill and, as the final rays crept away, she turned to the West where the sun was disappearing noiselessly behind the trees.

It’s over already, she said aloud.

A startled blackbird froze in her tracks, then hurtled across the lawn like a wind-up toy, head, body and tail a perfect horizontal line then, from a safer distance, prey still dangling from her beak, turned back to stare up at the woman, her nervous head bobbing from side to side. A few seconds later, she was gone, screeching alarm as she took flight. Drama queen, the woman thought, grinning; Just like a child.

She took a sip from a long forgotten mug and wrinkled her nose. Cold tea. Reaching out vaguely, she placed the unfinished drink on a small table beside her, her hand lingering idly over it as her whole being feasted on the scene beyond …

In the field a black cat was loping through the long grass towards the maize.

I could set my watch by him, she shuddered, I wonder what wars he wages in there.

She turned again, senses heightened, skin alive, prickling in anticipation of something else; a silver light was surging through the valley, and the tall fields, now dripping in diamonds, stood celestial in a dimension of their own; A new world was unfurling with the magic of a fairytale land and she gasped at the beauty of it. She raised her eyes in awe as the clouds parted and a full moon, gloriously resplendent, took to the sky, transforming her world with glistening fingers and awakening in her a wave of sensibility which pressed on her very soul. An empyreal energy was alight in her and her heart pounded …

She sensed him close then, like a charge through her body.

She whispered out to him and felt the breeze carry her words:

Look! Look at the moon, my angel. I hope you are watching too …

can you see it from where you are…?



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5 Responses to Moon Rising

  1. onlydads says:

    Beautiful picture and what moving and atmospheric writing.

    What else to say…

    …a wonderful post :-)

    Bob x

  2. Will says:

    Sun sinks silently
    Mood remains in gold and pink
    Silver lights loves link

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