Mutant Bavarian Mosquitos / No Child Out of Reach cntd

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The new generation of Bavarian mosquito is small, stealth-like and nasty! They tend to leave me and go for L when he is asleep. He now has a high bed and the net doesn’t fit properly around the ladder. He pulls up the duvet tight around him .. so they go for his face. Some mornings he walks out of his room looking like he has the chicken pox and twice his eyes have been swollen almost shut after being bitten on the lid. Sometimes he cries as the spots itch to the point of pain. It grieves me when I hunt for the offender in the middle of the night then leave his room over 30 mins later knowing the beast is still in there, waiting until the light goes out to continue his feast on my child. I feel helpless, as if I am contributing to his pain.

Despite his discomfort and my frustration, I have never once worried that my son would suffer effects any more serious than itching and a little swelling for a while. I give him a couple of doses of Apis and rub the spots with Apis Gel. Half an hour later he has forgotten all about it and so has his body.

How lucky we are in Europe! How much we take for granted!

The mosquitos here do not carry Malaria. My child will not die from his bites.

How many millions of mothers in other regions of the world have to watch their child exposed every day to mosquitos, but rather than reaching for cream and then going about their daily business, they have to resign themselves to the fact that their child is not immune. Their child may well actually die. Their child could DIE a cruel, horrible and painful death, due to one tiny, disease-carrying insect.

PLEASE sign the petition!

The fantastic results of the Save the Children No child Born to Die (Vaccines for All) campaign earlier this year means that the GAVI alliance can extend its fantastic work and provide essential vaccinations to millions more children in poorer regions most exposed to these diseases.


There is still a 3.5million deficit in the number of health workers required to administer these and to treat those who are infected. Children are still dying at a rate of one every 30 minutes … 2 kids die during our lunch break and another two while we watch Eastenders .. can you imagine?? The irony is, Malaria CAN be treated if the person affected can get medical help in time. Putting a health worker in reach of every child could mean the difference between that child living or dying. It is as extreme as that.

If a child (your child? / my child?) here in Europe were suffering from a life-threatening disease, we would expect that child to be treated by our respective healthcare systems. Doesn’t the rest of the world have a right to expect the same? What makes them any different from us? They too are people with children after all.

We need to help them exercise that right. We need to be their voice.

If you value the life of your own child, please sign the petition to help others ahead of the summit (more info in my previous post) and shout loudly for more health workers. We have them. Millions don’t yet. But they could have with our help.

How cool is that!


(This is linked as part of the #healthworkers blog-hop. You too can blog and add your post to the linky over at Michelle Mummy from the Heart Blog. Every single voice counts. We still need 20,000 signatures to achieve our target of 60k on the petition going out to David Cameron tomorrow, so let’s make a whole load of noise. We can do this! We still have a day left!)

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4 Responses to Mutant Bavarian Mosquitos / No Child Out of Reach cntd

  1. Wow this is an excellent example for this challenge! A very different angle, brilliantly worded and such a spot on view of how important those health workers are to those children. x

  2. Finally signed the petition (yes, I know but better late than never…)

  3. Love this post, it is so true, so many children do die from malaria, through lack of nets and health care.
    Thanks so so much for all the RT and shouting you’ve done for this challenge X

  4. Chris Mosler says:

    You, madam, have been amazing and I really cannot thank you enough for all your support. this post is, as usual, brilliantly written and makes the point perfectly. I salute you.

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