Bong …

We heard the church bells donging “Wedding here … This is a wedding!” while we having lunch today and the question came for the first time ever:

“Mummy, when did you get wedding’d?”

“Oh, Mummy’s never been ‘married’ Poppet” I answered, in as blasé a tone as I could muster – then breathed in and waited …

“Why?” ….

There it was. The first time he’d asked, ever.

“Beeecause … well, Mummy’s not found the right person to marry yet, Sweetheart.” The ‘yet’ was almost whispered.

There was a really long silence. So long that I hoped some other thought had distracted him, but then he looked me straight in the eyes and said, with a face so serious it made me cry:

“You can marry me Mummy”.

Jeez, just when you get to the point where you can actually live with yourself living alone …

I guess this is not ever going to get easier. Is it.


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4 Responses to Bong …

  1. onlydads says:

    So much to say, and yet no words come out…

    I think this experiece with your lad will be repeated by many SP’s. When you find the right answer, please do blog about it. It will get 10 million hits :-)

    Bob x

  2. Lakes Mum says:

    My 2 want me to marry again so they have a “daddy” around. At least they haven’t been put off marriage at the moment as my 4 year old’s ambition in life is to be a husband and my 7 yo talks about when she can marry and have kids.

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