Thank you

Copyright MJM, 26th September, 2011

So on Saturday, I published my 100th post without realising it. It was only after hitting the button that the new happy-happy WordPress notification told me and it sort of blew my mind.

When I started this back in November 2008 I was terrified. The blog was a voice I didn’t have in my day to day life, it was never going to conform with any standards and I was not going to have a lot of time to administer it. I had no idea if it could survive. The best I could do was just to write when I had something to say and stay true to myself. This many posts down the line, I’m gob-smacked people are in fact still reading.

All I can say is a massive thank you to all who have taken the time; you have given me so much confidence, not only in my writing but in my parenting and my survival skills over the last 3 years. This period has been the hardest of my entire life but we are on the up, and you have absolutely no idea how much you have helped me get through it.

I’m raising my coffee mug to you and to all new readers – Salut! Here’s to the next 100! :-)


Copyright MJM, 26th September, 2011



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4 Responses to Thank you

  1. Red Ted Art says:

    Go you! And congratulations on our 101st post!! How exciting and wonderful :-)

    Lots of hugs and kisses and smooches!


    • Ahh thanks Babe. All of the above right back atcha! Really glad to have discovered you and your fabulous work through this – one of the big highlights of setting up this space.
      I hope to be able to get back into the crafting once I’m back on my feet. Have missed it with all the job/work/dodgy back hooharr over the last few mnths.
      Thanks for your kind words xx

  2. ExtraStoat says:

    100 posts?!? Bah, too much free time! Back to work! Though since I’ve read them all, maybe I’m not spending enough time working either…………………….

    Congrats on the milestone hon.

  3. *Falls off sofa* Good grief, have you really read all of them?? Wow. I’m flabbergasted and (*whispers*) just a teeny weeny bit monstrously flattered *beams*.
    You were very stealth like about that Mister! but Cheers xxxx

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