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I haven’t posted for the Gallery in what seems ages – not for lack of motivation, rather just life getting in the way over the last couple of months, but this one got to my get-up-and-go for a number of reasons: The first being that I just adore colour; the second, that it intrigues and fascinates me and third, well, the link to the Dulux site Own a colour, help save a child’s life for UNISEF, on the Sticky Fingers host blog, was a stroke of genius by Tara (#applauds loudly and is looking forward to spending ages picking out a colour for this wonderful cause.)

So there’s something about colour that still takes me back to the age that my son is now – believing in fairies and elves and pixies and magic … colour is what ‘does it’ for my world and is right up there with music for being able to transport me in an instant to somewhere  far beyond the stress of everyday life, to where I can really appreciate just how amazingly stunning our planet really is. Almost ethereal.

I need colour in my life – I need to be surrounded by it, it inspires me, it excites me, it makes me feel at home. The fact that there are, according to the Own a Colour for UNISEF site, 16.7 million identifiably different colours is staggering, but somehow, when I stand on my balcony and stare out, day after day, at the fields and the sky beyond my  little flat, it doesn’t surprise me at all; it’s the same view, but the colours change by the second, depending on the time of day – the light, the weather, the seasons and, I guess, my own state of awareness. Whatever the conditions, it is always jaw-droppingly beautiful.

But my appreciation is non-scientific. It is almost purely sensory and perhaps also a little artistic. Having studied physics only to O-Level I have relatively little understanding about how colour really works – I have read up on the basics, but the answer to one question still eludes me – the question of ‘perception’; is what I see as red exactly the same as what you see and call red? Maybe I see red and call it ‘red’, where you see a different actual colour (e.g. green) but still call it red …. and the thing is, how could we ever prove that we are, in fact, seeing different things? I am sure this must have been proven scientifically somewhere, but, so far having asked hundreds of people, no-one has given me a satisfactory answer yet. Do you know? If you do, then please, please share your explanation in the comments.

So I considered many options of photos with which to ‘paint’ my text … perhaps a series of seasonal images of the view from the balcony, or some high-colour images of flora and fauna, or skies at sunset … but nothing really did it for me … each image was missing something somewhere – as if the picture itself had swallowed up the very point I was trying to make by scaling down the dimensions. The true colour in the images fell way short of my memory of the scene. So I came up with the pictures below … and my point? Well, my point is a sort of an experiment; our world is so rammed with colour that our brains cannot possibly process every detail of what our eyes are seeing. But what if we lower the saturation and offer an image which is void of colour as we know it … do we really only see ‘black and white’ … ? My guess, from my own experience, is that an effectively colourless image may serve to stimulate the viewer’s brain to filling the image with its own perception of colour … back to the world of the fairies – a black and white image can essentially become a fantasy land and as rich as any scene you will ever experience in the real world… because we make it so!

Am I right or am I completely insane?! What do you really see in the images below?

Copyright Metajugglamum 05 October, 2011Copyright Metajugglamum 05 October, 2011Copyright Metajugglamum 05 October, 2011Copyright Metajugglamum 05 October, 2011Copyright Metajugglamum, 05 October, 2011Copyright Metajugglamum 05 October, 2011*

(oh, and don’t forget to go and pick your colour

£1 can vaccinate 10 children against Polio … fact.)


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2 Responses to The Gallery – Colour

  1. Tara says:

    What an amazing, thoughtful post MJ. Just lovely. Thanks so much for those words

  2. Thank you Tara. I appreciate the comment very much :-)

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