Leoni the Catkin bug

My 4yo went to a birthday party on Sunday afternoon. He returned clutching three things: a blow-up aeroplane, a large catkin and a Kinder Schoko-bon.

The blow-up aeroplane was enormous fun but moving on …

In my most innocent typing voice, I’ll just say that no-one can deliver a big, fat catkin into my hands without me wanting to do something with it. So while L demolished the Schoko-bon (did I say Schoko-bon?? .. I’m sure I didn’t as I never do advertising on my blogs unless I’m in love), so,  anyway, while my son devoured the afore-mentioned Ferrero wonder-sweet called a Schoko-bon, I disappeared into the cupboard and came back out with some googly eyes, a roll of wire, a pair of scissors and some glue.

Said Catkin is now called Leoni and is my 4yo’s new best friend.

Copyright MJMnL Craftybits 11th October, 2011

Copyright MJMnL Craftybits, 11th October, 2011

Copyright MJMnL Craftybits, 11th October, 2011

10 minute crafts before tea – we love ’em!!


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5 Responses to Leoni the Catkin bug

  1. Oh my! What a cutie (both the boy and the catkin/ leoni). Aren’t the quick, simple, spur of the moment crafts simply the most wonderful :-))))))

  2. Definitely! I’m not allowed to move her … or the box. He had a 15minute conversation with her this morning over breakfast – he told her stuff he wouldn’t tell me .. even tho’ I was doing her voice!! :-)

  3. Wow! The best way to get stuff out of kids.. eh?!??!!?

  4. Well, a Shocko-Bon has got to be a huge improvement over the horrifying Haribo default of UK children’s party bags. And what a nice idea the catkin was!

  5. phoenixaeon says:

    I am loving Leoni! I think I’m going to have to take Princi around the gardens at Speke Hall so we can pick up some natural craft material :D

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