Still here


I am still here. My finger-nails are not and there are lots of sore bits around the edges where they were but I am still here.

I guess I realised that while I was on here, I was thinking .. and tweeting .. and writing about stuff that was hard .. and that while I was doing that, I wasn’t “doing” anything about it.

So I had to stop tweeting and writing, shake myself the hell up and go “do”.

What did, however, occur to me, was that it was being here and on Twitter for so long, that had taught me how to get a handle on me, so that I could do just that.

I’m still doing. It’s not got the better of me yet but it keeps trying so I still have a long way to go. You’ll therefore forgive me if my return is somewhat brief and impersonal. I will come back and write, once I’ve sifted through the bonkersness. Promise.

Bloody hell, life is complicated.

Miss you all

MJM. x

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4 Responses to Still here

  1. sirblimelywindy says:

    We miss you too! Lots to tell you – of lots of ups and downs. Take care


  2. What SirS-W says! We miss you and wish you well.
    Spike x

  3. P says:

    Somewhere around the base of my monitor I have a piece of paper which reads, Be,Do,Have. Apparently it’s the best way of the universe and how to live life and I suspect I believe it.

    Beware the poppies of sleep and remember an omnipotent one in fiction somewhere was only a man from some town in American that could spin a good line. xx

  4. Here waiting when you’re ready. Miss you and your words x

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