Why Metajugglamum?

The prefix ‘meta’ is taken from the Greek and is often used to mean ‘about’.

I am an ex-pat single mother of a 3yo boy, trying to raise him as best I can in Germany, whilst running our home and managing my own business – (Emerging from the Fog sort of explains how we got here). These three fundamental elements make up the entirety of my life at the moment and the challenge is to find the ideal balance between them which enables us to survive financially, to grow and develop in the way we both need to for ourselves and our individual futures  and have enough quality time left for each other.

This is the ever-shifting triangle I am attempting to stabilise but to do that I have to manage, prioritise … and juggle – not an easy feat for someone as random as me! This blog is therefore about another juggling mum; Metajugglamum is my alias … and my story (or at least, random snap-shot chunks of it).

2 Responses to Why Metajugglamum?

  1. Fleetwoodboy says:

    I know who you are. Your that lovly young mum in hiding

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