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Not just a grey pencil!

Hrrrmmmmmmmmhhh. Pfffff. :-( It was one of those desolate “the world just ended” sighs that small children do when something awful just happened, (the last flat piece of lego is jammed stuck to the second last piece of flat lego … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary – Four Years!

This just popped up at me: Happy Anniversary to me eh!     Funny, I was only thinking yesterday about how increasingly I am aware of the passage of time and how much more worthless by the day my life … Continue reading

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SOS Contact Numbers and Links – Christmas 2012

Christmas can be a tough time of year for a great many reasons. Anyone is vulnerable and each person has his or her own story which is unique to them. The important thing to remember is that it is not … Continue reading

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Natural forces

She is a volcano A smoldering force She nourishes the earth, tends to its needs and reaps its harvest. She is an angel of the natural world – a lover of all things living. She is an evangelist for all … Continue reading

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The Gallery – April

A railway carriage – you know, like in the olden days … a compartment set apart, with the blinds rolled half down. Through the narrow gap, you see ‘stuff’ flash by at speed. You have no idea what it is, … Continue reading

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