IT User How-Tos

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Background blurb

I worked in IT for several life-times (or so it seemed) although I was never trained as a tech. An ability to PM large-scale projects didn’t mean that I was familiar with the insides of a machine or could code / configure new or standard software applications. Not in the beginning anyway.

Due to inheriting the sum of my parents’ pig-headedness, coupled with a lack of cash for hauling in techs for repairs, together with an avid curiosity of my own, I have invested / wasted (delete as applicable) thousands of hours trying to work stuff out myself when my machine has failed me. And believe me, my machines do that. A lot.

O yeah, I (hardly) ever RTFM. On principle. (Don’t stone me, it’s how I learn).

So by trial and error and frustrating though it is trauling through minefields of unknown configuration settings or going bananas trying to get to the bottom of why something worked yesterday but doesn’t today, I have come across numerous little solutions and tricks, which I could not find by googling. Yesterday I decided it was time I got some of these down, in an attempt to save other folk as many hours of *head/desk* scenario as I have suffered.

I hope someone somewhere out there gets the benefit.

Now all I have to do is remember a few of them!!


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